Maintaining leadership

Magnit maintains leadership in the Russian retail market, no matter the circumstances. In 2022, we took advantage of new growth opportunities, opened many new stores in different regions of Russia, increased revenue and LFL sales, expanded our own production, and improved the quality and range of products.

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Heading towards our goals

Magnit aims to become the industry leader in reducing the impact on our environment, build a fully responsible supply chain, and contribute to improving the quality of life in the country. We consistently work to achieve our strategic sustainability goals and report on our progress annually.

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Upholding high standards

We are responsible for food security across our footprint and strive to ensure the high quality and safety of our offering. In the reporting year, we continued to improve our supply chain management, expanded cooperation with local suppliers and producers, enhanced product quality control, and developed our own food production.

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Focusing on our customers’ needs

The health and well-being of our customers is our priority in achieving sustainability. We focus on expanding our healthy product offering, promoting active lifestyles among consumers and staff, ensuring respect for human rights, maintaining an open dialogue with customers and improving customer service.

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Save the planet

Magnit reduces its impact on the environment by reducing the amount of waste generated and sending it for reuse and recycling, modernizing equipment and fleet to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and harmful substances, as well as rationally using resources and involving employees in environmental practices.

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Fostering regional development

As a company operating in 67 regions of Russia, we are aware of our responsibility for regional development across our footprint. We provide local communities with quality and affordable products, create jobs, finance social projects, and run charitable and volunteering initiatives to support Fostering disadvantaged groups.

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Taking care of employees

Magnit’s employees are contributing to the Company’s success every day. We seek to become the employer of choice in the Russian retail sector by providing decent wages and benefits, creating a safe and comfortable working environment, and offering training and development opportunities to help employees progress in career.

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Corporate governance practices

In managing our business, we aim to integrate sustainability agenda into our corporate governance, secure the Group’s success in the long run, and create value for society and the environment.

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